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About Us

Established in 1992 we have 20 years manufacturing experience at your service.

We are manufacturer of PVC inflatable blowing advertising products

Inflatable Point Of Purchase Promotions

Inflatable Point of Purchase Promotions are used by Marketing & Advertising Agencies, manufacturers and any company that wants to promote their product, brand, trademark, logo or mascot character.

Inflatable P-O-P Promotions are used to improve sales and visibility of new products and are also used at openings, sports and special events, trade shows, window displays and indoor/outdoor events, etc…. because they give consumers a better awareness of a product, logo, name or trademark. They can also be used as gifts and give-aways.



This kind of product is intended as an advertising tool to maximise the exposure of famous brands, to increase sales.

The sizes are generally between 50 to 100 cm, allowing for product display on shelves in department stores, for the purpose of sales promotions.

The eye-catching design possibilities of M'Inflatables clubbed with its inherent ability to enhance GRP and represent products and their attributes in true sense and likeness makes them extremely effective medium at relatively low cost.

Once the client sends the original product specification, our designers establish contact with the company to discuss the manufacturing process.

Bag, boots, packages, figures, counterparts, conserves/jams, bottles, packets, small, minature, parts, adhesive...

Minature Inflatable Concepts - 50 to 100 CM  Tall

Product Highlights
  • Can be made in any shape -- limited by the complexity and size of the product
  • Recommended size -- 1-3 feet. Can also make in 1-5 feet
  • Highly durable & easily eepairable
  • Made from laminated rubberized Poly Vinyl material
  • One-time-inflation. Inflate them only once and use them for months
  • Minimum order size is 500 units. Orders accepted in multiples of 100


Q) Where can we use them?
A) Use them for indoor displays, storefronts, point of purchase counters .

Q) How do you use M'inflatables?
A) M'inflatables are one-time air filling products. Once filled with air they stay inflated.

Q) Which material is used to make M'inflatables?
A) They are made from Poly Vinyl Material (PVC).

Q) What are the maintenance costs?
A) Almost no maintenance costs are incurred.

Q) In what sizes do the M'inflatables come?
A) The size ranges from 1 - 5 feet.

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